Fun, or Work?

i’m really thankful that my work is FUN!  i do wish i made more money at my work, but that will come as my work grows more accomplished.  this is a shot of a few pieces in process…some custom, some for an upcoming show!  let me know what you think.


  1. Jeff Dutton says

    Hey ! That looks like my vase !! I love it and have Hydrangeas in it right now……. jd

  2. I really like your style, very fluid and for some reason gives me a calm feeling just seeing it. I am just getting to a point in my potting that I can visualize something and make it. I would love to hear your comments. Check out my latest work at .

  3. thanks for the feedback! it’s always nice to hear what others see…i really liked the altered vase you’re working on. do you pit fire? i liked the pieces you had on your home page, too. enjoy your time in the studio!! margaret

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