Camino-st jean to roncevalles

I am overwhelmed by the beauty!! The first few days have tested my communication skills and my  endurance! The church in at jean and in roncevalles are lovely and very old.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela

This is a place I hope to experience on the Camino de Santiago in the next few weeks. This journey is both exciting and scary. I hope to grow in my faith. I’m open to what the Camino offers…one pilgrim told me, ‘you get the Camino you need, not the Camino you want’  Please keep […]


I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a two week workshop at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC.  The instructors, Richard Burkett and Joe Molinaro guided the class through several salt, soda and one three day wood firing of the Penland anagama/noborigama kiln.  The energy and work ethic of the class was exhilarating, […]


Daddy has always been creative…creative in his cooking, his packing, his building. I’m thankful for his example of hard work, perseverance and dedication to his family. When he and Mama moved from our family home of forty years to a retirement community, I was concerned that he would get bored, and dissatisfied with the pace […]

Lessons on the AT

Well, I learned a lesson or two this year on the Appalachian Trail with my boys.  I learned that I have to be patient…hmmm, there seems to be a theme here to my life! I wanted desperately to do about a 50 mile section of the AT, and we only got about 11 miles in before […]

Perseverence and Patience

 As I sit here thinking about how sporadic I’ve been with this blog, I am reminded that perseverance and timing are important.  My friends tell me that it’s God’s timing that matters.  It takes those vegetables time to be wonderful fruit; it takes time for us all to be what we were created to be. […]

new shapes…new pots

        The shapes and pots are new, using paper patterns and soft slabs to create functional cups, teapots.  The stamps are hand carved and used to press images into the clay slabs before the piece is formed.

Montgomery Curb Market, a landmark

  If you have never been, you must go to the Montgomery Curb Market on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, from 7am until 1pm…it’s a true taste of Montgomery’s real South feel…sure, there is some produce that is NOT from our local farmers.  However, for the most part, there are REAL jellies, cakes, fresh eggs, […]

Christmas memories

one of my favorite times is christmastime…i loved going to my paternal grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and sharing a huge shrimp and oyster feast, with all of my dad’s brothers and sisters and cousins around….then Christmas day out at my maternal grandparents’ home having a tummy tuckering lunch with a walk out to the […]

Christmas Open House

  I sincerely appreciate everyone who could make it out to the open house last week…it was really nice to visit in a comforatble, well, chilly but comfortable space. I enjoyed having people into my studio to see where things are made.  My favorite experience was with a little girl who wants a potter’s wheel […]