Daddy has always been creative…creative in his cooking, his packing, his building. I’m thankful for his example of hard work, perseverance and dedication to his family. When he and Mama moved from our family home of forty years to a retirement community, I was concerned that he would get bored, and dissatisfied with the pace of elderly living! Boy was I wrong! He took some of my clay home and made work…then he discovered glass….whether he is slumping or flattening wine bottles, he is constantly busy! One of the endeavors he has taken on is a series of glass crosses that are transformed into clocks! I’m including a picture of his cross clock…if anyone wants one of these gems, contact me on facebook.
I’m going to post one of his clocks, so you can see them. If you want one, message me and I’ll get it out to you! I’m going to say $25 plus shipping!



  1. john kraft says

    WOW! Terry did a great job with the picture! and thanks for all the compliments…..makes my day brighter…i love you and ya’ll. DAD

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