Football? Hunting? Come back A.T. Summer!

Most of our Southern neighbors are absorbed with the SEC and who is going to win Saturday’s game, or running to the local hunting store to get the bow or gun ready for the season’s opening.  I have to admit, I do enjoy watching MSU play on TV.  I also love wandering through the woods […]


Whew!  Summer is HERE in Alabama!!  My studio isn’t cooled…with the exception of a ceiling fan and a little oscillating fan…and it makes for some good ‘sauna’ time.  The work cycle has been very productive, making a dinnerware set, some random bowls with little birds on them and about to start a teapot cycle!  I’m […]


There is something extremely satisfying about making and seeing a group of pieces from concept to finished artwork…these pieces are fun to make and have challenged me to think, as a friend of mine says, intentionally.  The stamps are all handmade out of clay, and fired to create a one-of-a-kind image to provide texture to […]

Fun, or Work?

i’m really thankful that my work is FUN!  i do wish i made more money at my work, but that will come as my work grows more accomplished.  this is a shot of a few pieces in process…some custom, some for an upcoming show!  let me know what you think.


Today is my 47th birthday, and i’m so thankful for my parents and their influence in my life.  i am thankful for God’s gifts, and am thankful i am able to give Him proper credit when i discover them…it is a beautiful day.  i’m enjoying it in the studio.

Spring Pots

Spring is here and so are wonderful signs of the season, including baby birds, new plants, peonies and the promise of fresh veggies from the garden.  This inspiration is present in my newest work.  Birds on teapots, twigs slip trailed onto pots are but a few signs of spring inspiration.