Football? Hunting? Come back A.T. Summer!

Most of our Southern neighbors are absorbed with the SEC and who is going to win Saturday’s game, or running to the local hunting store to get the bow or gun ready for the season’s opening.  I have to admit, I do enjoy watching MSU play on TV.  I also love wandering through the woods this time of year, with a tiny cool breeze in the air.  Camping is wonderful this season also…which brings me back to my favorite time of year…SUMMER!  My two younger boys and i did a three day hike on the Appalachain Trail in August.  That has to have been the most physically challenging time of my life, as well as the most rewarding.  I saw much maturity and growth among the boys.  I learned much about them and their compassion for one another.  It did a mama’s heart good.  I can’t wait for Summer to return…i’m going back for another look at my kids on the AT!

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