Montgomery Curb Market, a landmark


If you have never been, you must go to the Montgomery Curb Market on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, from 7am until 1pm…it’s a true taste of Montgomery’s real South feel…sure, there is some produce that is NOT from our local farmers.  However, for the most part, there are REAL jellies, cakes, fresh eggs, produce, even firewood/starter!!  Mrs. Smitherman has been selling me her fabulous peaches for 10 years (only ’cause that’s how long I’ve been buying them…she was there before me!).  My boys love to get a fried peach pie from her in the summer…and Mr. Gibbons provides us with firewood.  At Christmas, he had some wonderful cabbage and greens…so, i’m all for the wholesome ‘organic’ philosophy, but i’m also in favor of buying local from good solid local farmers, our neighbors and friends!  Here’s to the CURB MARKET!!

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