Christmas memories

one of my favorite times is christmastime…i loved going to my paternal grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve and sharing a huge shrimp and oyster feast, with all of my dad’s brothers and sisters and cousins around….then Christmas day out at my maternal grandparents’ home having a tummy tuckering lunch with a walk out to the gullies or a nap on the porch swing.  All this to say that, i am truly blessed to have such wonderful memories with family.  my face pressed against the cold black window watching for rudolph’s red nose in the winter night sky on the way home from mamaw’s, hearing hooves on the roof of the house on finney road (and unlce mike and bernie telling us santa was on the roof)…and one Christmas, arriving from mid-night mass to find that santa had already arrived! oh, and we ALWAYS had to check out the nativity at Sacred Heart after mass, to see if baby Jesus was asleep there…


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