Lessons on the AT

Well, I learned a lesson or two this year on the Appalachian Trail with my boys.  I learned that I have to be patient…hmmm, there seems to be a theme here to my life! I wanted desperately to do about a 50 mile section of the AT, and we only got about 11 miles in before leaving the trail…disappointed and angry and tired.  I learned about timing.  It just wasn’t the right time. I couldn’t see it at the moment, and it’s still hard to accept, but everything is a little clearer now.  There were some bright spots to the trip, and i have to be thankful for those.  We were able to climb the highest point on the AT in Georgia.  We were able to see a beautiful storm come across the mountains, and we had the opportunity to experience rain while we were in the shelter…nice and dry…and a gorgeous sunset after the rain.  I have to be in the moment.  We had a fun morning at Amicalola Falls State Park after we came off the trail…Michael was able to trout fish and actually catch a couple! Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, it just takes her longer!!

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